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About C&L wiper blades manufacturer and supplier

C&L Auto Accessories Co., Ltd is a professional wiper blades manufacturer and supplier in China. C&L offers a full line of windshield wiper blades, including beam wiper blades, framed wiper blades, soft wiper blades, silicon wiper blades and rubber wiper blades, which can fit for 95% auto in the world. Especially the silicon wiper blades are more popular, as its advantage of “durable, clear-vision, clam”. OEM AUDI,BMW,BENZ,Honda.etc wiper blades.You can wholesale high quality wiper blades directly from our China factory.

Established in 2006, our company is increasing rapidly as our guaranty quality and competitive price . Now our wiper blades have been successfully selling to 40 countries in Europe, South America, The Middle East ect.